10 Lucrative Online Business You can Start Today As a Graduate in Ghana

The current rate of unemployment in the country is much alarming and due to that graduates are now looking for ways to start their own business with little or no investment.

As a graduate in ghana or any of the African countries, there are more opportunities online you can tap to and make a living without waiting for the government to provide a job for you.

The knowledge acquired from the university is more than enough to get your business both online and offline.

The goal of this article today is to list to you the 10 lucrative business you can start as a graduate. Some of these businesses may require additional skills while most of them do not.

So without being said, below are some of the online business you can start today as a graduate in Ghana.


Blogging is one of the profitable online business ideas you can start in Ghana with less investment. It is not a fast way to make money online but if you’re dedicated you can earn your living online through blogging.

There two things you need for a blog, domain, and web hosting. A domain is your web address while a Webhosting is storage for your blog files. Starting a blog in Ghana does not cost much, With little as $3.95 per month, one can get a web hosting account and free domain from Bluehost to start a blog.

You can create a blog from any niche that passionate you. If your passion lies in fashion, tech, education, news, entertainment to mention but a few, you can create a blog and begin to write.

Bloggers make money from their blog in so many ways. But the most commons ones are through advertising and affiliate marketing. Advertising comes in different forms. Direct advertisement and sponsored post/link or banner placement.

The best advertisement company that most bloggers use is Google Advertisement. With google advertisement, you apply for a publisher account through a program call google Adsense. Google then review your application for eligibility check. Once your application is approved, Google will then place their products on your blog.

This has been the best and efficient way of making money through advertisement. Affiliate marketing has to do with you promoting people’s products through your blog for a commission. we shall talk more on that in a few minutes.


The eCommerce sphere in Ghana is gradually gaining ground. People have come to love the idea of buying and selling items online. In recent times, there has been an increase in the rate at which people buy items through online shops in Ghana and the world at large.

With the emergence of COVID-19, many businesses have also shifted their operation to online. Hence the need for more online shops. Dropshiping is a form of eCommerce dealings. where the owner of the store doesn’t own the item or she is selling. Rather, they outsource the products from the manufacturing starter or wholesale, sell and make a retail profit.

The idea of dropshipping came in at the time when a giant organization such as amazon, eBay, and aliexpress reaches its peak. People around the globe, have the idea of being a retailer to these giant wholesalers suppliers on the aliexpress, amazon, and eBay.

Operating a dropshipping business needs little or no money. But to explain further, you’ll only need small capital in starting. There are two types of dropshipping business. You can operate a dropshipping business by creating your own eCommerce store, or by using a third-party website.

The dropshipping business operates in this way simple way:

The drop shipper will first go to the wholesale website (Aliexpress, Amazon, or eBay) and pick a product/item that he or she sees will be of high demand.

Then he goes to place the item picture with its specifications with a retail price on his or her store.

Now once a customer comes to buy the item from the dropshippers store at the retail price, the dropshippers will then go to the wholesale store and purchase the item at the wholesale price using the customer’s details.

In the end, the original item seller will ship the item to the dropshipers customer.

This is a simple explanation of how the dropshipping business is operated. You can read more about dropshipping and how to start from here.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing comes into being when there was a need for product reviewers and promoters by the manufactures or producers. As an affiliate marketer, your job is to get producers or creators products or services viewed a purchase by a prospective customer o user.

The affiliate marketing business has made most people six to seven-figure income earners and it remains the most lucrative business online. There are many strategies you can adopt to succeed in the affiliate marketing business.

You can create your own affiliate website where you write reviews about the products that people are searching to buy. Today most people like to see a product review before they make a buy or not to buy a decision.

If you can get these prospective buyers the item features, price and value to be driven from using the item, then you’re half away to making money from affiliate marketing. For many years now, I’ve been doing the affiliate marketing business and must say its the best when it comes to establishing an online business in Ghana.

We shall bring a full article on how to start the affiliate marketing business later on this site.

Freelance Writing

Freelancing is a new order of the day. Off late, we always see people most especially the online gurus talking about freelancing. This has sparked many peoples in interest in this kind of business in ghana.

Freelancing is the act of doing some job for a commission or reward. A freelancer is one who agrees to take a person’s job(gig) and performances on their behalf for a handsome reward(monetary). The freelancing business has created a lot of opportunities for the Ghanaian youth including myself.

People who have a fair idea of how the freelancing business works have made thousands of cedis from this kind of business. Freelancers get a job(gig) to performs through third-party websites known as freelance sites or micro job sites.

Websites such as freelancer.com, Upwork.com, guru.com, fiverr.com,15ghana.com are some of the popular ones. One can easily become a freelancer by visiting any of these sites and create a seller account.

On these freelancing websites, jobs such as graphic designs, data entry jobs, web designs, product reviews, transcribing, and much more can be found. Once you’re on the site. You need to choose the job that interests you.

Here, you see employers looking for people to perform a task. Go through the list of jobs on the site and select to make an offer to the job that these employers have listed.

Once your offer is accepted, then the job will be awarded to you. You can read more about freelancing jobs here.

Paid survey

Surveys are great ways to make a few bucks online if you have free time to waste. In Ghana, there are a few survey companies and providers. So the only way to gain some cash through a survey is to opt for other countries’ super jobs.

There are many companies out there looking to employ the service od individual to perform simple surveys on their products or service offered to the market. If you have some free time, you can signup for these surveys and begin to make cool cash.

Surveys will not make you rich online but it can get you something to help supplement your other source of income online. Sites such as Surveymonkey.com, Paid surveys at home, Surveyjunkie.com, Mindsumo.com, Swagbucks.com, and many more are some of the best survey sites you can signup today and take profitable surveys.

Forex Trading

According to some reports, there has been an increase in the forex trading business throughout the world in the past fourth months. This many people are associating with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the lockdown people, people have no other ways of working to earn a living. So the best option they can go for its online business. Individuals were forced to search for some lucrative ways to make living from the comfort of their home and then StumbleUpon Forex trading.

Forex trading has to do with the art of exchanging currencies. As a forex trader, your job is to buy and sell the country’s currencies.

If you predict a fall in the price of a certain country’s currency, then you buy that currency and hold. When you later predict an increase in the price of that same currency against other currencies, then you sell and make a profit.

Forex trading its a little bit of complexity especially if you are just starting. But once you know the basics of the market, the terminologies, and how to do proper risk management, you can profit big in the Market. I  recently came across a well-written article on this topic. You can see can follow this link to read the article on how to start trading Forex in Ghana.

Crypto-currency trading

Cryptocurrency has come to stay. Cryptocurrency trading/business has made most youth in Ghana and the world rich.

There are close to 2000 cryptocurrencies out there with Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Euthreum, and Ripple being the leading currencies in the crypto sphere.

As a person who has an interest in crypto trading, you can do so by buying the currencies when there is a fall in the price and then keep it until the price increase.

Once there is an increase in the price, you can now sell and make a profit. You can also trade binary or forex using cryptocurrency.

The largest cryptocurrency trading platform today is Binance and Paxful. On these two platforms, you can exchange your bitcoin for cash, and also you can place a buy/sell order using your wallet balance. There are no technicalities in operating crypto trading. All that matters is getting a fair idea of what these currencies are and then go ahead to get a wallet for storing your currencies. The best cryptocurrency(Bitcoin) wallet is the Blockchain App which can be installed on a PC or Smartphone. Once you have this wallet app on your device, you are good to go.

Web Design & installation services

If you’re good at creating a website or installing/designing a website, then this is an opportunity for you to start an online business in this sector.

There are hundreds of companies and individuals looking to a blog or own a website. Having knowledge of Webdesign help can help you earn a decent amount of money online. In today’s technological world, gaining these skills is not that difficult.

You can signup for free courses on web design to learn how to create a website and installation of a blog. After successfully gaining the skills, you can then offer your service to the people that need it.

You can go to youtube or Udemy to learn these skills for free. blog setup and installation service are some of the lucrative online business ideas with little to no investment. People made have earned thousands of cedis creating blogs and websites for clients through my agency. you can also do so.

Proposal writing service

Most companies hire people to help them in product research whenever they are about to unveil new products to the market. They always want to see the reaction of their target customers regarding the new product before its release. In doing so, they required the service of a research agency or person to carry out the research on their behalf.

Graphic designing

Having skills in graphic design can fetch you a decent amount of money both online and offline.

Individuals and businesses are always on the search for graphic designers to help communicate their ideas to inspire, inform, educate, or captivate consumers through images or graphics.

As a Graphic designer, you can make money online by offering graphic designing services on freelance websites such as Fiverr, Freelancer,99designs, 15ghana, and much more.

The good thing is that you can learn to become a graphic designer if you have no skills in designing. website such as youtube, Udemy, Skillshare is there to help you learn and master this skill within the shortest period.

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