3 Best Ways to Accept Mobile Money Payment on Your Site or Store

Operating an online store in Ghana or Africa can be much interesting if there is a simple and easy to use payment gateway. Unlike the previous times, when PayPal dominates the online payment gateway for processing orders.

Today, there are many payment gateway that one can use to collects payments from their stores and website. This was what has made more business to carry out their online business with ease.

If you are a store owner or someone who is thinking of starting an online store but have an issue with the payment method to use, then here we are going to show you the three best payment gateways that you can use to process transactions on your store in Ghana, Nigeria, and Africa at large.

So without wasting much time, below are the three best fintech companies that you can use to process MoMo Payment on your store or website.


Flutterwave provides the easiest and most reliable payment solution for businesses anywhere in the world. Founded in 2016 by a team of ex-bankers, entrepreneurs, and engineers, flutterwave provides businesses all around the world a powerful, reliable, and intelligent payment gateway. Through flutterwave, Africans can now build global businesses that can make and accept any payment, anywhere from across Africa and around the world. It has a well-designed dashboard that it’s easy and simple to navigate. With just a click of a mouse, one can pay and receive payment through the flutterwave payment gateway. You can read more and signup for flutterwave here


Another great payment gateway provider creating technology solutions to everyday challenges that simplify the lives of the people in Ghana and Africa is the Ipaygh. Whether you operate an online store, a mobile app, a subscription service, or testing out business ideas, iPaygh gives you the power to receive payments from your customers and make payments to your suppliers in ONE account.

Using this service, one can access the single dashboard and reporting tools on PC, tablet, or on mobile to keep track of sales, payments, and customers anywhere at any time. Some features of the ipaygh includes:

  • Multiple sales, payments, and customer channels all in ONE simple view:
  • Instant SMS or Email confirmation of payment to both business and customer
  • Download or access real-time statement of your payments
  • Analyze customer purchase trends and Insights
  • Keep your loyal customers engaged with Bulk SMS or Emails on their birthdays, offer discounts, and many more.

Signup and start using the iPay here.


Payswitch is a Ghanian fintech company that provides alternative banking solutions to businesses across the globe. As an Open Banking API, Payswitch provides a secure payment gateway for internet payment processing. Merchants can use Payswitch as a complete solution, removing any dependence on third parties, or choose individual components to enhance an existing internet payment platform. Convergence, Speed, Efficiency is what you get when you use the Payswitch service for processing your transactions. Having a 3D Secure authentication with a sophisticated anti-fraud system, Payswitch filters transactions based on rules set by merchants. You can visit the official website and read more about the Paywitch service.


You can also use Paystack to process mobile money payments both online and offline. It serves the same function as the above-discussed fintech companies. What we love about the Paystack is the fact that it combines automated and manual fraud systems to protect customers from fraudulent transactions and associated chargeback claims.

Final Words

As businesses begin to shift their operation to the internet, there comes the need for an easy to use and secure online payment system. Fintech companies around the world keep on improving their services to cover all the countries in the world. This has helped more people to get into the online business as compare to the time when there are only a few payment gateways.

So if you operate an online store or business in Ghana, Nigeria and Africa, where PayPal does not allow you to use their services to process payment, then you can use any of the above service providers. They’ve been tried and tested hence you can conveniently use them without the fear of victimization.

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