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1. Closing dateforapplications

In order to ensure adequate time for processing, assessment testing and planning by Nelson Mandela
University and yourself, applications for admission should be submitted before the August closing date. Late
applications will however be considered after this date, based on academic merit, until the September closing
date. In addition, places for some qualifications are limited; it is therefore in your best interest to submit your
application early. Information on applicable dates.

2. Selectionofundergraduate candidates:

Submission of a completed application form does not mean that you have been accepted as a student, or
that you may register. All prospective students are selected in accordance with the admissions policy of the
university. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application. Please ensure that your cell
number is correct as you will be notified of your admission status via SMS or you can track your
application statusonline.
NB: Acceptance as a student does not mean that you have also been accepted to one of the residences
or that you will automatically qualify for a bursary / loan.

3. Studentsfromothertertiaryinstitutions

If you were previously registered at other tertiary education institutions, you need to submit an official full
academic record and certificate of conduct issued by each institution at which you were registered. This
statement must indicate all courses passed and failed and modules for which you are currently registered.
Students, who studied at the Port Elizabeth campus of the former Vista University before 2004, must obtain
an academic record and a certificate of conduct from UNISA. (Tel: 086 167 0411 or

4. Financial assistance

Nelson Mandela University offers financial assistance in the form of bursaries and NSFAS loans to students
studying at the University (South African citizens only). The loans are administered on behalfof the National
Student Financial Aid Scheme – NSFAS.

Applications for NSFAS loans must be made directly on the NSFAS website or an application form can be
downloaded and sent directly to the NSFAS office in Cape Town. The closing date for NSFAS funds is
advertised on their website. Further information can be obtained from the NSFAS website –

Nelson Mandela University Scholar and Student Merit awards are awarded to top academic achievers and
no application is required. Bursaries and sponsorships are available to students who fulfil specific criteria as
required by the various sponsors. Details are in the Bursary Booklet on the Financial Aid website –

5. Studentswithdisabilities

Nelson Mandela University strives to ensure that all campus facilities are accessible to students with
disabilities. Every reasonable attempt will be made to provide students with the assistance they require.
Disability status is confidential, however if the university is not aware of the disability, we will not be in a
position nor obliged to offer reasonable support. If the disability is not self-evident, the university may require
the applicant to disclose sufficient information to confirm the disability or to ensure that reasonable
consideration is granted.

For more information on accessibility and how your particular disability can be accommodated, you are
advised to contact the Universal Accessibility & Disability Services (UADS), on 041-504 2313/4756/2562
or as early as possible. Early enquiries during the year preceding application are
encouraged, to ensure that requests can be reasonably accommodated.

6. Residenceaccommodation

▪ To apply for residence please complete the online form .
▪ Please note that indicating that you require residence accommodation does not guarantee you a
placeinthe residences.
▪ A selection process has to take place and priority will be given to applicants who have obtained good
▪ No student will be admitted to residence until she/he has been academically admitted to a university
programme or beforethe appropriatefees have been paid.
▪ Also note that residence accommodation is limited and preference will be given to applications
receivedbeforethe end of September.

7. Studentnumber

Please use your student number when corresponding with the university. This student number will appear in
all future correspondence that you receive from the university. Quote your student number in the heading of
any e-mail correspondence as follow:

Student number #faculty code #1900 (undergraduate) or #2000 (postgraduate). Example 217009123
#1100 #1900 (undergraduate) or 217009123 #1100 #2000 (postgraduate). The faculty codes are:
Faculty of: Code
Humanities #1100
Science #1200
Education #1300
Business & Economic Sciences #1400
Law #1500
Health Sciences #1600
Engineering, Built Environment and Technology #1700

8. Mediumofinstruction andacademic activities

Tuition atNelsonMandela Universityis presented mainlyinEnglish. Academic activities take place from Monday
to Friday and whennecessary, on Saturdays.

9. Assistance needed

In the event of any other support needed with the completing your online application, you may contact our
Contact Centre at0415041111.

10. Important documentation

In order for the university to finalise your application you are requested to submit the following documentation
(refer to point 12 on how to submit the documents):
▪ A copy of your identity document (ID document compulsory for SA Citizens – your application cannot
be processed without a certified copy of yourID. Youmay also provide your ID number or serial number
that appears on your birth certificate should you still be waiting for your ID Document to be issued).
▪ A copy of your latest school results (grade 11 final or grade 12 June or September results or final
school leaving results (e.g. if you are currently at school and apply in August submit your June results).
No grade 12 March results.
▪ Full official academicrecord(s) and certificate(s) of conductfrom previousinstitution(s) (if applicable).
▪ Declaration by your parent / legal guardian / surety (see point 12) if you are a dependent or currently
at school or studying at a tertiary institution or have recently left school and do/will not have
permanent employment whenapplying or studying at the university.
▪ A copy of the identity document of parent / legal guardian / surety if you are a dependent or currently at
school or studying at a tertiary institution or have recently left school and do/will not have permanent
employment whenapplying or studying at the university.
▪ A copy of yourmarriage certificate (if applicable).
▪ Completed disabilityassessments form (if applicable).
▪ Proof of your current residential / home or postal address if applyingfor on-campus accommodation.
▪ Postgraduate form (U.24) (see point 12) if youare applyingfor postgraduate studies.
NB: Please note that your reference number must clearly be indicated on all documentation submitted.
11. Downloadable documents
To download the document(s) required to complete your application follow the link(s) below. You can fax
the completed document(s) to 041-504 1477, upload on the website after final submission or e-mail to Save the documents as follow: Student number, underscore, type of
document (Example 211040673_ID). You can also post the documents to Admissions Online Applications,
PO Box 77000, Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, 6031 should you wish.
▪ Declaration by parent/legal guardian/surety
▪ Disability form
▪ Exemption form
▪ Postgraduate form(U.24)

12. Contact details

▪ Enquiries or assistance needed:
In the event of any other support needed with completing your online application, you may contact our
Contact Centre at 0415041111 or e-mail Mandela University at
▪ Submitting changes or documents:
Kindly advise the Admissions Office in writing of any changes in your contact details (address,
cell/phone numbers or e-mail address) or if you would like to change your qualification after submitting
the online application. You also need to inform the Admissions Office in writing if you decide not to
proceed with your online application. You are advised to contact Online Admissions at e-mail: or fax: 041-504 1477. Save the documents as follow: Student number,
underscore, type of document (Example211040673_ID).
You can upload the documents on the Mandela University website, post the documents to Admissions
Undergraduate or Postgraduate Online Applications, PO Box 77000, Nelson Mandela University, Port
Elizabeth, 6031 should you wish.
NB: Please do not send your query/document to more than one e-mail address as it causes delays.

13. Foreign School leaving certificate
Candidates who wrote a foreign school leaving qualification require a letter and/or certificate from the
Universities South Africa (USAf) before the application can be considered. The letter and/or certificate
you receive from USAf need to be submitted to the admissions office with all your required documents.
In order to be considered for a qualification. For more information visit the USAf website
( or contact them via e-mail at
14. Testing
The Mandela University uses the National Benchmark Test (NBT) as part of the selection process for
certain undergraduate qualifications. Applicants with Foreign Qualifications also need to write the NBT
before applying for undergraduate studies. You need to submit your NBT results before your application
can be considered. To book a test or to find out more about the test follow the link