CHY Crypto Exchange and Gold Coin to Be Launched: CHYMALL SAIRUI

CHY MALL E-COMMERCE is an online business where trading (buying and selling) occurs. When a member purchases the company’s product, the company does the selling for you and pays you your trading capital and profit within 10-12days.

The operation of CHYMALL was a halt in most countries like Ghana due to the fact that the SEC, which is a government of Ghana Security and Exchange Commission issued a warning to its citizens who re investing the Sairui mall to do that at their own risk since the Company has no certificate of registration with their Department. Because of these warning issues, fears were put in most of the investors and hence their inability to further invest (bring new customers).

Even though the company has released its certificate of incorporation by the GRA and GIPC, there has been a massive impact on the company’s ability to continue operations in this country. In the light of that, the Management of  CHYMALL decided to convert their payment and investing mode to cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) hence the need to operate an exchange.


What is Chymall crypto?

Chy Crypto Exchange is a new project that Century HengYue Group is currently working on. Like Binance, Chy Crypto Exchange also known as “CHY EXCHANGE” will be launched alongside its unique Cryptocurrency “GOLD COIN“.

The company will introduce and encourage future withdrawals to only be done in BTC, ETH, and USDT. Please study about these to get some enlightenment and know-how in these all-new-future changes. It will be implemented in stages. Kindly prepare for the changes and watch this space.

As a member of Chymall;

What do you know about Cryptocurrency?

What do you know about Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Do you understand how to Trade Cryptocurrency?

Do you understand how to used platforms like,,,

If any of your answers to the above-stated questions is “No” then you need to quickly get involved before the “BIG NEWS“

Country Representative and Top Leaders are already aware of this big project that will give all chymall members an opportunity to exchange their Earnings (Chy Points and Consumption Points) for other Cryptocurrencies, they were asked not to disclose it to the community until the management released a communique as usual. No need to panic; the waiting is almost over.

What is Cryptocurrency Exchange?

The cryptocurrency exchange is a convenient tool for working with different types of cryptocurrency. It is a platform whereby individuals use to transact crypto trades. Individuals buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the crypto exchanges.

Bitcoin Academy

Reliable service, providing each user a wide range of opportunities for trading and withdrawal of funds. The Exchange is distinguished by a high level of security against burglaries, security of each account. Despite the relatively small history, the exchange quickly gained popularity among a large number of users.

Key Benefits Of Chy Crypto Exchange

  • Wide opportunities
  • Wide opportunities for Margin trading, available to each user.
  • Daily growth
  • Daily growing volume of trading.
  • Use Bigdata
  • Use Bigdata to maximize account functionality.
  • Minimum
  • Minimum indicators of commissions for conducting transactions.
  • No commission
  • No commission for users to enter the cryptocurrency into the system.
  • A wide range
  • A wide range of options for authorization and verification.
  • A wide range
  • A wide range of cryptocurrencies, supported by the exchange for conducting trades.
  • Mobile
  • Ability to use a mobile application.
  • Interface
  • The presence of a user-friendly and intuitive user interface.
  • Artificial intelligence system
  • Use of the artificial intelligence system.
  • Full data protection
  • Using the full data protection cycle SSL AES128 / SHA256 TLS 1.2 / TLS1.3 and BlockChain.

Features Of Chy Crypto Exchange

The limit.: An order intended for conducting sales transactions at the price or price that you specified, which is the most profitable at a particular moment.

The market: This order allows you to carry out sales transactions at prices that are relevant to the market at a certain point in time.

Stop: This order is used to sell the currency or close positions on the market after the market price you have chosen has been reached.

Trailing stop: This order is necessary in order to quickly close positions in the event that the market price of your cryptocurrency falls below the level you have planned and becomes unprofitable for the user. Using such an order will allow you to minimize losses in situations of falling prices, as well as protect the profit in the event that prices on the stock exchange start to rise.

Limit order: Using this order allows the user to completely cancel or fully execute the transaction at a predetermined price. Crypto exchange also has a function in which you can place two orders in such a way that if one of the orders is executed, the second one is canceled automatically. Such a combination of a stop order and a limit order makes it possible to stop losses, to provide instant profit if necessary.

The hidden warrant: Such a variant of the order will not be displayed in the order book and will in no way affect the other participants of the market.


Non-member will still benefit because they will be accessible to all.

Nobody Will Loose 1kobo In Chymall – Chy County Rep [Brando]


Article No 14: Communique 36.4

The silence of the management of Century HengYue Group over the past two doesn’t mean they have to abandon Chymall – the E-Commerce segment of the group, or unable to find solutions to the withdrawal challenge. They are cooking something bigger Crypto Payment gateway – a new dimension that will set the company far above all the copycats.


We are no in any way associated withCHYMALL or agent of the company. We only provide information for educational purposes. So if you decided to trade on the chyexchange using the information provided above, then know that you are trading on your own.

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