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The NSFAS Consent Form is now available for all applicants of the bursary. Here is the detailed information on the consent form and other important information you need to know.

It is compulsory for all SARS and/or other agencies to provide the applicant’s parents’ of guardians’ employment status and income level. NSFAS will protect the privacy of all of the individuals whose personal information is supplied to them and makes it confidential.

NSFAS Consent Form

All the information collected will be used in a lawful way and transparent manner. The personal information obtained from third parties will only be used to:

  • assess and process the applicant’s application;
  • to verify previous academic records;
  • to ensure that the applicant receives the appropriate level of financial support from NSFAS;
  • to confirm and verify the identity and income of the parent or guardians of the applicant;
  • legal proceedings;
  • for audit and record-keeping purposes
  • for debt tracking and/or debt recovery purposes.

Applicants and their parents/guardians are to sign the NSFAS Consent Form to verify the information provided.

I hereby give consent that NSFAS may verify the income information provided through third parties. I hereby give consent under section 69(6)(b) of the Tax Administration Act, 2011, that my/our taxpayer information in the records of the South African Revenue Service may be disclosed to NSFAS to the extent that it relates to my/our employment status and my/our levels of income.

I confirm that voluntary submitting any personal information to NSFAS, in any form, constitutes an indefinite, unconditional and specific consent for NSFAS to share such personal information with third parties including government departments, credit bureaus, institutions of higher learning and other agencies for the purposes of information validation, reporting, statistical analysis, credit checks, criminal checks, securing funding on my behalf and to verify academic and registration data as required.


By signing this application form, I accept and understand that this application does not guarantee that I will receive an NSFAS bursary. I acknowledge that any personal information and supporting documentation supplied to NSFAS is done so voluntarily in order to facilitate the processing of this
application. I furthermore acknowledge that the information provided by me, is to the best of my knowledge both true and correct and that I understand that any incorrect or inaccurate information or documentation submitted may adversely affect the manner in which NSFAS may comply with its obligations. I understand that if my application for financial aid is approved, the bursary agreement must be signed within 30 days after registration or NSFAS reserves the right to withdraw the approved bursary. I will then be liable for all fees at the university/college.

NSFAS Contacts

You can contact NSFAS using the details below;

Facebook: National Student Financial Aid Scheme​

Twitter page: @myNSFAS

Instagram: @myNSFAS

NSFAS Connect: www.nsfas.org.za and log into your myNSFAS account

Download Form


How to unlock NSFAS user profile

Follow the steps below to unlock your NSFAS user profile;

  • Visit https://my.nsfas.org.za/Application/recovery.jsp
  • Input your ID number  and press Submit (If you get UserProfile doesn’t exist, You need to re-register)
  • Select ” I can’t remember my password ” on the dropdown and hit submit
  • Check your email for more instructions.

NB: The password you put should be unique, don’t use the old password or Enter Email  as a password; Your account will be unlocked immediately.

Below are some passwords that can unlock your NSFAS user profile

NSFAS Online Application Form

Download NSFAS Application Form

How to register for NSFAS Wallet

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