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Drivers License Renewal Online : How to Book An Appointment

If your Driver’s license has expired and you are looking for steps on How to Book Online for Your Appointment in South Africa. Then find below the five easy steps on how to renew a Drivers licence online in South Africa.

Step 1: Visit the website of natis to begin. Ensure that you have quick internet else the whole process will be very slow for you.

You can accomplish this right now on your phone without having to wait for a PC. Continue reading the whole of the guidelines below and then finish it. It’s simple and straightforward enough.

Step 2: Select your province. Whether Eastern Cape or Gauteng province to continue as these provinces are currently the only ones that allow online booking renewal of drivers license. The page will load an interface for you like below.

The interface has options for you to select such as

  • book now for learners license test
  • book now for driving license test
  • book now for driving license card renewal
  • book now for prdp application
  • view motor vehicle renewals
  • query drivers license card/check drivers license card
  • Report motor crash (in terms of damage only)

When it comes to Online booking, the process may be a little confusing at times. As part of an effort to send more public services online and make them more accessible, the RTMC department accepted the whole system for simple application by users in the designated provinces.

Step 4: Select the reason for which you are booking. For instance, if you are there for drivers license renewal, select to book now for the drivers license card renewal. A new page load / opens up for you.

Step 5: Enter your details requested such as your ID numbers, Your surname as is on your drivers license card, Your first name exactly as on your card then select next. Continue to select the date of your convenience for the earliest booking that you find available.

What about the eye test?

You can do the eye test on the day of the payment at the DLTC or; go to a recognised eye specialist where a certificate will be issued that will be accepted at the testing station.

I selected my preferred testing station but cannot get a booking for my preferred date and time

If the date and time that you prefer are not available, it could be that it has been already allocated as the system is live or the testing station is fully booked for the date and time you prefer. You can either wait until booking timeslots become available or try a different testing station.

The date and time are not convenient for me at the testing station.

You can either try for a date and time at a different testing station that is more convenient or select a different date and time as all testing stations have specific days on which they test certain licence categories and it could be that the times are already allocated.

Penalties for an expired driving licence.

Currently, there are no penalties for renewing an expired driving licence, however, you are encouraged to renew your licence as soon as it nears its expiry date and obtain a temporary driving licence if you require it before you receive it it your driving licence card.

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