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How to Download NBPEA Nomination Form 2021-2022 – PDF

How to Download NBPEA Nomination Form 2021-2022 - PDF
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How to Download NBPEA Nomination Form 2021-2022 – PDF

The Ministry for the Public Service and Administration (MPSA) launched the National Batho Pele Excellence Awards (NBPEA) in November 2013 as an effort to encourage continuous performance improvement and promote a professional and productive public service that delivers quality services.

The awards programme promotes sharing of best practices, lessons, learning, and rewarding good performance as well as gauges citizen satisfaction towards government performance.

The purpose of the NBPEA is to entrench professionalism in the public service, while acknowledging, recognizing, and rewarding public servants who perform beyond the call of duty. In this way, the awards aim to encourage excellence in public service.

The theme for the 7th National Batho Pele Excellence Awards 2020/21 is
“Combating the Covid-19 pandemic through a Batho Pele focus: Putting People First”.

General Criteria

(NB: for the comprehensive criteria go to

a. Individual public servants or Government institutions show concrete evidence of/ demonstrate:

  • Commitment to implementing the Batho Pele principles and standards
    holistically, thus providing quality services to the public;
  • Implementing principles of good governance and ethical leadership;
  • Ensuring tangible service delivery improvement to citizens leading to proven record of customer satisfaction with visible impact that restores public confidence.

b. Service beneficiaries attest to experiencing definite improvement in individual and/or organizational performance.

c. Evidence of effective service delivery implementation, with appropriate systems, processes, and procedures in place enabling fully operational, sustainable, and replication of best practices, as well as visible impact to society.

d. Individual public servants or Government institutions can prove (with evidence) a beneficial relationship between financial expenditure and service delivery impact.

Rules and Guidelines

a. Submissions must be stapled and not bound for easy perusal. Use of arch-lever files is preferred.

b. Submissions must preferably be in the English language, but are not limited to one language.

c. Hand written submissions are not encouraged.

d. Submissions must be hand delivered to the address below not later than 15 February 2022.

e. Submissions can also be entered online via the email:

f. Prizes are not transferrable.

g. Incomplete submissions will be disqualified.

h. Submissions must be signed by both the Nominator and Nominee (unsigned forms will be disqualified).

NB: All entries must be submitted in their complete form – all relevant documents to be submitted at the same time.

How to Download NBPEA Nomination Form 2021-2022 – PDF

Download the Form Here.

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