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How To Join The Ghana Armed Forces – Become a Military officer in Ghana

How To Join The Ghana Armed Forces - Become a Military officer in Ghana
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A soldier can be a conscripted or volunteer enlisted person, a non-commissioned officer, or an officer.

In other definition, soldiers are military personnel that participates in ground, sea, or air forces, commonly known as armies, navies, and air forces, respectively.

How to Become a Soldier in Ghana

The Ghana Armed Forces were established in 1957, the same year the Gold Coast region declared independence from the United Kingdom and formed the nation of Ghana.

Over the years, the Ghana Armed Forces have been involved in several internal and external operations that were aimed at defending the country and other surrounding African nations.

As one of the largest and most powerful armies in Africa, the Ghana Armed Forces has provided aid to other African countries in times of war mostly through the United Nations.

Its first external operation was the United Nations Operation in the Congo in the early 1960s.

The Ghana Armed Forces have been involved in many peacekeeping operations since its inception.

It played a part in quelling conflicts like the Kosovo War, the Rwandan Genocide, and the Liberian civil war.

There have also been several peacekeeping missions undertaken by the military force in other parts of the world. Some of these missions include the Iran-Iraq War and the Kuwait and Lebanon civil war.

How to Join the Ghana Armed Forces

All applicants are required to carefully read through the entry requirements for clarification before application. Take note of all required data in the subsequent steps.

  1. To join the Ghana Armed Forces as a RECRUIT or CADET acquire a scratch card at TWO HUNDRED GHANA CEDIS (GH₵200.00) through USSD CODE *447*160# or from selected post offices nationwide.
  2. Scratch gently to reveal the “PIN” code. The scratch card can be used for three times until a record is successfully submitted.
  3. Log on to the recruitment portal @ with any of the following browsers:
    • Google Chrome.
    • Mozilla Firefox.
  4. Read through the entry requirements thoroughly.
  5. Ensure your mobile phone’s Cell Broadcast Message Service is turned “ON”. This can be done by going through the following steps on your phone:
    • Messages
    • Message Settings
    • Find “Cell Broadcast/Broadcast Message/CB Activation/Advertisement” depending on your brand of mobile phone.
    • Set activation “ON”.
    • Set all channels to “RECEIVE” and exit message settings.
  6. Then, click on the Apply Now Tab to open the applicant authentication page.
  7. Enter your card Serial NumberPIN code and select your preferred Arm of Service, type of commission and click Next”.
  8. Enter your personal details and take note of the following from Pages 1 to 3:
    • Page 1; Select your desired vacancy and provide all other required data.
    • Page 2; Upload a scanned copy of your passport-sized photograph of dimension (170 x 150 pixels), enter a valid e-mail address, personal mobile phone number in the format (233244123456) and enter any other required data.
    •  Page 3; Enter the results of your WASSCE/SSSCE Certificate, that is; CORE MATHEMATICS AND CORE ENGLISH and the other Subjects. Enter your WASSCE or SSSCE Index numberWASSCE, or SSSCE Certificate Serial Number. Upload only scanned copies of the following; WASSCE or SSSCE Certificate and Degree Certificate.  NB:  Each scanned document (Passport picture, WASSCE or SSSCE Certificate, Degree Certificate) to be uploaded, should not exceed 1(One) Megabyte and should be in JPEG picture format only.
  9. Click on the Preview Button to see a summary page of all data provided. Read through this page carefully and click on the back button, if there are any modifications to be made.
  10. Click on the submit button and expect an instant e-mail and text message, which includes your unique system-generated Identification Number.
  11. Print and keep a copy of the generated report as you will be required to present it, if you are Qualified. However, if you lose your copy of the final report, go back to the recruitment portal, click on the PRINT SUMMARY Tab, enter your unique identification number sent to you by SMS/E-mail and order a re-print.


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