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How to Make Money Online in Ghana as a Student Using your Smartphone

How to Make Money in Ghana as a Student Using your Smartphone
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When it comes to money matter, there are no exceptions. Everyone wants to make some cool cash using their smartphones and the skills acquired. As a student most especially a college/university student, there are a lot of opportunities available that you can take advantage of and make some decent cash online. With the emergence of the social media platform (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram e.t.c) A lot of people have created their own job and making some cash using their smartphones.

The internet offers a great opportunity for people around the world. Each day, millions of people visit the internet to either search for information, buy products, or just to socialize.  As a result, people who have an in-depth idea of the internet and are using the internet to make money.

If you’re a student from college, or university graduate looking to start some online business using your smartphone then in this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the easier and most lucrative business you can start and make some bucks using your smartphone.

This business we are going to discuss here will work best for students who have huge Instagram followers or are willing to build social media followers.

The idea is to create a social media platform and become an influencer in your own sector. Below are simple steps to create a business using your smartphone.

  • Create an Instagram Pages
  • Create Facebook Groups
  • Sell Peoples Products and Services

Create an Instagram Pages

Instagram is one of the most utilized social media platforms when it comes to socialization on the internet. Just like its sister website(FACEBOOK), Instagram is a place where top celebrities and Influencers hangout the most. People make use of their Instagram account/page to make money online. They create a page and grow it to the fullest by becoming an authority in using their page. So after getting more followers and also getting recognized, most of the top brands can contact them for promotions.  We will talk more about that later.

How to get an active Instagram account with many followers?

First, create an Instagram account and convert it into a business page.

Now find a niche to narrow the page to. For example, you can narrow the page to say men’s Dresses.

Now what you need to do is to surf through some o the most popular online shops and get the best/quality men’s dresses pictures and then always upload them on your page with catchy descriptions. Once you do that, you can be sharing these pictures with your friends and other social media platform to attract people. In most cases, people will follow the product’s link and go to your Instagram page. Once they are on the page, they will try to go through your wall to see more. Once they scroll through your wall and see that, you always upload quality products picture, they will follow you on Instagram so they can continue to see what you upload.

Doing these on a regular basis will accumulate more followers within a possible short period. You can also boost your Instagram page for more followers.

Hw to make money with your Instagram Followers.

There are many ways to make money by using your Instagram pages. you can make money

  • By selling products to your followers
  • Through promotional deals.

How to sell Products to followers?

After being able to establish your Instagram page and acquired more followers, you can begin to upload products with their price tags on your page. One may say where can I get the products? This is simple, if you have a small capital, you can purchase these products at a cheaper price from most of the china online stores and have them stored, then upload their images on your Instagram page with the prices, Your followers, will chat with you for negotiation. Make the best deal and then sell the items to them. But if you have no capital, you can use the dropshipping idea here. Get products pictures and then upload them to your store, once your followers contact you for the product, you can then take the money, then order the products from the original seller using their details. The seller will then ship the items directly to the buyer without passing them through you. See What is a Dropshipping, Requirements and How to Start as a College Student

Promotional Deals

This is one of the best ways to make money using your Instagram page/Facebook groups. But this always works best if you have huge followers based. With the promotional deal, Brands will contact you to advertise for them. They will in most cases send you a link to their product landing page to share with your followers on Instagram. Or they pay you to talk about their product or service with your followers on Instagram. In any way, you get paid to advertise their goods or services on your page. People who have many followers on Instagram are making better and much more money using their Instagram page through promotional deals.

As a student, you can also start something similar and make sure you build a brand on Instagram to accumulate more followers. Once you get the needed followers, you’ll then need to implement the above mention method to begin to make some cool cash online.

Create Facebook Groups

Another way you can make a decent amount of money using your smartphone is through Facebook. Today almost everyone is on Facebook. So if you’ve been on Facebook for a long, then you should know that you can create a Facebook group where you share most of your stuff with the group members or share ideas together.

As a student, you can start a Facebook group with your fellow students. Make sure you are the admin for the group. Try and grow the group by getting more people to join. Even though it takes time to grow a group, but with the right targeting, you can easily group a group to 3k to 10k within a year.

How to Make money with your Facebook group?

Making money with the Facebook group follows the same way as making money with your Instagram page. But with the Facebook group, you can also make some cash by selling the group individuals or companies after getting more followers to the group.

How to Make money with your Facebook group

I’ve seen a lot of companies and individuals looking for Facebook groups/pages to buy. Start a Facebook group today, grow the group to up to say 20k followers and you’ll begin to make money with your group.

Final Words

Alright guys, as you can see, you can make a decent amount of money using your smartphone and your social media handles. If you’re really serious about making some cash online, then you should consider trying any of the above-discussed points.

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