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How to Shop On Aliexpress & Make Sure Your Items Get to you in Ghana

Aliexpress Product Page
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Aliexpress has become one of the best stops for online shopping globally. With close to thousands of suppliers on the Aliexpress, selling different products of high value and quality, most people have come to like this online warehouse.

People all over the world including Ghana, like to shop on the Aliexpress, simple because of its wide variety of products selling at cheaper prices, but because of the fear of not getting their products delivered to their destination, they turned to be reluctant.

In the past years, I was one of those who feel reluctant to purchase items online due to the fear of not getting the items reaching me in Ghana.  After taking steps to purchase items on the Aliexpress and having years of successful shipping on this online store, I’m here today to show you the simple and easiest way to buy any item on the Aliexpress store and get them to ship to you in Ghana.

Before you decide to shop at the Aliexpress store, there are some things you must have available:

Product in mind, Shipping Address (Postal Address, City and Town, Active Phone Number), and a Billing address.

Once you have these things available. The next thing to do is to head over to the Aliexpress website through the address and you’ll be taking to the homepage of the Aliexpress store.

On the homepage, you can see the available products based on their category. Here, you might not find exactly the item you want to purchase. So what you need to do is to search for the item using the search bar located on the top of the Aliexpress navigation.

Aliexpress search

Assuming you’re looking for a shoe to buy, then you will have to type shoes in the search bar and then hit the enter key on the keyboard. All the available products with a shoe label will be displayed for you. Here you can scroll through and look for the shoe product that catches your attention. Click on the product and then you’ll be taking to the product page on Aliexpress.

Now once you’re on the product page, you can scroll through to read the product description, the shipping details, sellers’ credit score, reviews, and delivery period for that product.

Aliexpress Product Page

After successfully going through the product description, if you’re still interested in the product, you can click on the BUY Button to continue with the order.

When you click on the BUY button, you’ll be redirected to the signup/login page. On that page you either login with your existing account or signup for a new account.

Aliexpress Login Page

Follow simple steps to complete the Signup/Login process and then you can complete the purchase order.

To finish up the purchases, you’ll be required to enter your personal details( Full name, contact, Country, Shipping address) and your Billing address. Fill in all the required details and then you can complete the order.

How to Make sure your Products Reach you in Ghana

Use the right shipping address

Using the right shipping address is the first thing that will help get your item delivered successfully to you in Ghana when you shop on Aliexpress.

Unlike the advanced country where they have well structured addressing system, In Ghana, you can use a postal address when as your shipping/delivering address.

In that case, when the item gets to Ghana, it will be sent to the nearest post office in your locality for you to pick it up.

Request for Shipment tracking code

Most sellers on the Aliexpress provide a tracking code for their products that are being bought. But this will depend on the type of shipment you’ve opted for.

In most cases, free shipping does not come with a tracking code on Aliexpress. So if you are going to demand a tracking code or need to track every progress of your order from the Alixpress sellers, then you maybe have to choose a shipment that includes a tracking code.

Getting the tracking code can help you get the item successfully delivered to you in Ghana.

This is so because you’ll be able to track the item at every stage of the shipment. In case there are any changes from the shipment, you can be able to see and then draw the attention of the seller for a rectification.

Look For Buyer Protection & Positive Seller Feedback

Even though almost all the products that are being sold on the Aliexpress shop fall Aliexpress buyer production, it’s also a good thing to check the seller’s credit score before placing an order on Aliexpress.

High positive score

Some sellers have a low credit score. This means their level of trust is below standards. Buying items from these low score sellers can prevent your item from reaching you in Ghana. In this case, you’ll not be able to get your item delivered to you when you purchase from these sellers.

Make sure the item can be shipped to Ghana

Some products on the Aliexpress can not be shipped to ghana by the sellers. In most cases, when you are about to place an order, you’ll be prompted with the notification.

So it’s advisable to always read all the notifications and descriptions of the product before complete your order on Aliexpress. Doing that will save you from not getting your item delivered to you in Ghana.

How to Shop on Aliexpress

Taking a look at the above product, you can see that the supplier/shipping company for this supplier does not deliver the item to Ghana hence the above popup notification. In this case, you don’t have to continue to order this product otherwise it will not reach you in ghana.

Alright, guys, there you have it. How to shop on Aliexpress and have the items delivered to you in Ghana. We hope you find this article helpful if you do then please don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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