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How to Signup For ABSA Activate – Affordable Digital Insurance

How to Signup For ABSA Activate – Affordable digital insurance in South Africa
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Activate is a digitally based short-term insurance product which can cover your car, house, contents, and your valuable possessions.

You can buy a policy online and register claims instantly, monitor your driving, and get emergency assistance conveniently through our dedicated Activate app.

The more possessions you insure, the higher the discount on your monthly premium.

No more wasting time with call centres and complicated forms.

It’s convenient and efficient

Your car insurance comes with a tracking device that will be linked to the Activate App.

It keeps you updated and provides accurate driving scores and assists in recovering your vehicle if stolen or hijacked.

Through the app you can also:

  • Get weather alerts
  • View and claim cashback rewards
  • Get emergency assistance
  • Log claims for any insured items

How to get started?

Buy a policy online and download the Activate App from the Apple or Android stores.

Please note you can only access the app once your policy is active.

The better you drive, the more you earn

Drive well and earn up to 40% cashback on your monthly motor premiums.

Your Activate app will show you all the trips you have made and how well you are driving.

This information can help you improve your driving, increasing your chances of earning more cash back rewards.

Absa banking customers receive an additional 10% bonus added to their cash back pay-out.

Get a quote

Getting a quote and policy from Activate by Absa takes under 5 minutes and is incredibly easy to do.

There is therefore no reason to hesitate – get a quote today and simplify your insurance.

Click here to sign up to Absa Activate and get a quote.

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