How to Track Your NSFAS Application Through WhatsApp

As an NSFAS Applicant/beneficiary it is important to keep track of your application status. To make this process easier, NSFAS has provided several convenient options for you to access information about your application.


One such option is to add NSFAS on WhatsApp using the number 078 519 8006. By doing so, you can receive regular updates on the status of your application and any other important information related to your NSFAS funding. This is a convenient way to stay informed about your application, as you can receive these updates directly on your phone.

Another option to track your application status is to dial 12067327. This USSD code allows you to check your application status directly from your mobile device. By following the prompts, you can access information about the status of your application, including whether it has been approved or rejected.

These platforms are designed to provide you with convenient access to information about your funding, helping you to focus on your studies without worrying about financial constraints.

Please note that these platforms are constantly being improved by the scheme to enhance their functionality and make it even easier for students to access information. So, be on the lookout for more options and features that may become available in the future.

How to Track Your NSFAS Application Through WhatsApp

How to Track Your NSFAS Application Through WhatsApp


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