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How to Write a Bursary Motivational Letter _ Sample Letter

A bursary is a monetary grant given to students who are unable to pay their full tuition fees but have shown academic excellence in their various fields of study.

Different organization or government agencies awards bursaries to students on yearly basis considering the suitable recipient (student’s financial stability, their need, merit, or both, depending on the specific requirements of the bursary).

In most cases, students who are applying for the bursary are being chosen for the grant based on their letter of motivation. Students who are able to convince granting organizations beyond reasonable doubt turn to get the bursary from them. The motivational letter should explain why you are in need of financial support and how it will help you to achieve your goal.

If you are a student or person looking for a bursary motivational letter to complete your application then you are on the right page. Here we are going to discuss what to include and what not to include in your letter of motivation for the bursary application. We shall also give you a sample letter of motivation for the Bursary application to serve as a guide.

The Letter of motivation is a formal letter hence must have the same features are that of the formal letter. You must start the letter with a sender’s, receiver’s address, salutation, and subject/headings.

The sender’s address is your address whiles the receiver’s address is the address of the organization that you are looking for the bursary support from. In most cases, the address of the bursary organization is always given during the application stage.

Sample of Motivationa Letter For Burasry

462 Wit Rd


54 Wierda Road West
Advtech House,
Wierda Valley Sandton

Dear Sir/Madam,

Letter of Motivation For ADvTECH Student Teacher Bursary

Sir, in my quest to further acquire a Degree in Mathematics I applied for a course at the University of Johannesburg and was offered admission to study Bachelor of Education in Mathematics. I am currently in my third year at UJ and facing challenges with my studies because of my parent’s current financial status.

I have realized I may not be able to pay my subsequent fees if I don’t resort to a bursary for which I am applying for the ADvTECH Student Teacher Bursary.

I am a hardworking student and my current academic results can prove me wrong when I present to your outfit for further consideration.

Attached is a copy of my required document for your confirmation. I will be happy if you can help me with the payment of the fees which will help me achieve my goal of obtaining the Degree in Mathematics. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from your office.


Yours Faithfully,
Mabel Jane

Above is a sample of the Motivational Letter for Bursary application. Please note that this is a sample and it’s intended to serve as a guide to you. You can edit the above letter and use it in our application. We wish you all the best and let us know if you need further assistant.

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