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List of law Schools in South Africa 2022 – 2023

Looking for a List of Law Schools in South Africa 2022 – 2023? If yes, then you are on the right page. In this article, we are going to list the accredited law schools in South Africa, How to Become a Lawyer in South Africa, Requirements For Studying Law in SA, Why Should One Study Law in South Africa, What are the Jobs of Lawyers in South Africa, What type of Lawyers are in demand and How much do lawyers earn in SA.

Law is one of the world’s most popular academic fields of study. It’s no surprise that many people desire to study law in South Africa because of the high salary, employment security, and respectable standing associated with legal positions.

Studying law allows you to develop a variety of skills and learn about many facets of human existence. It allows you to improve your thinking, develop your comprehension, and broaden your experience in the social sciences and humanities.

How to Become a Lawyer in South Africa

As a person who wants to study law in South Africa, it’s very crucial to have control over the English language (English proficiency). Completing a 4 year LLB degree from any of the available universities qualifies one to become/practice as a lawyer. In some cases, students prefer to first finish a 3 year BCom or BA course before they top up two years of study to obtain an LLB.

By studying these courses prior to an LLB, a potential lawyer gets significant business and accounting knowledge and abilities. This additional information may be quite useful when applying for articles at various legal firms and will be useful in practice.

Requirements For Studying Law at a University?

To be eligible to study law at a university in SA, candidates must have the South African National Senior Certificate (NSC) or an equivalent certificate with a matriculation endorsement or a matriculation exemption, as well as the minimum entrance criteria for a degree program. Matriculants with NSC should have at least four subjects with a pass rate of at least level 4 (50-59 percent %).

Applicants must additionally show that they have obtained the required level of English proficiency (40 percent or above for South African Senior Certificate applicants and a level 2 achievement (20-40 percent) for NSC applicants).

It should be emphasized that these are the bare minimums for admission to undergraduate programs. Each institution has its own minimum admission standards for its law degree program, and candidates should confer with the relevant faculties.

Why Should One Study Law in South Africa?

The opportunity to learn in both English and the Common Law system is a key lure for law students in South Africa. This legal system is employed in a number of English-speaking nations and can lead to lucrative professions in the United States as a Common Law specialist. Most of South Africa’s 17 law schools are ranked well in both global and African rankings, and LLB tuition fees are affordable in SA as compared to other English-speaking Common Law countries.

What are the Jobs of Lawyers in South African?

In South Africa, there are two types of lawyers: attorneys and advocates. An attorney works at legal companies, where he or she drafts contracts and meets with clients. An Advocate is a person who wears a coat and stands up in court to defend in front of a judge. When a person has a legal difficulty, they consult with an attorney, who is assumed to be knowledgeable about the legal subject at hand. When the case goes to court, the attorney must “brief” an advocate, who argues the case in court based on the facts and instructions provided by the attorney.

List of law schools in South Africa 2022 – 2023

What type of Lawyers is in demand?

Corporate attorneys are in great demand in South Africa due to the country’s brisk commercial activity. Criminal attorneys and labor lawyers are likewise in great demand.

How much do lawyers earn in SA?

Lawyers are paid based on their experience, according to Business Tech. A junior candidate lawyer’s annual salary is between R250 000 and R350 000. Associate attorneys can make up to R700,000 per year, while Senior Associates can earn up to R200 000. A senior partner and a legal secretary might make up to R5 million on the top end.

Is law school Difficult?

The question of how difficult law school is is subjective, depending on an individual’s aptitude and how well-suited one is to it. It is, nonetheless, an intriguing task that necessitates exertion in order to handle a big workload, frequently under duress.

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