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NABCO Career Pathways: What are the Documents Needed for the Application?

The NABCO Career pathways transition portal has been opened again for the last time. This according to the management of NABCO will be the final opportunity given to trainees who couldn’t apply when the first and second application portal was opened.

The recent application was opened on the 19th of January 2021 and its expected to be closed on the 31st of January 2021. According to NABCO, out of the 100,000 trainees who are currently on the programme, only 66.2% have registered for the career pathways transitioning.

If you are a NABCO trainee and have not yet registered for the career pathways transitioning exit plan, now is the time to do so because from the information gathered, trainees who couldn’t apply for the exit pathway will be deleted from NABCO.

It can be recalled that, when the first and second batch of the application was open, most trainees were wondering what documents to use for the application of either the permanent job, further learning, or Entrepreneurship.

According to some sections of the trainees, they couldn’t register because they don’t have most of the documents which are demanded for the application. But the truth is that there are some documents that were not relevant to the application.

These, most trainees don’t know. So in this article, are going to list to you some of the documents needed for the application and what to do in case you don’t have some of the documents.

See below some of the documents needed:

  • Ghana Card
  • School Certificate
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Residential Address

Ghana Card

This is a mandatory document needed before you can begin your registration. Trainees are required to upload the front view of their Ghana Card also know as National Identification Card together with the Card Number. This document is the first document you need to provide before you can continue to the next step of your registration.

In case you don’t have the Ghana Card, NABCO has provided a Way to go with the registration. In the case of those who have registered for the card but unfortunately misplaced it, NABCO has given them the chance to use the NUMBER on the CARD registration Form with the Format: ( ACQUAH-22/11/2020 ), That;

  • In place of the Ghana Card Number, Input SURNAME-DATE OF BIRTH in the following format ( ACQUAH-22/11/2020 ),
  • In place of uploading a copy of the Ghana Card, upload the RECEIPT issued by NIA after registration.

They will have to scan the receipt and upload it to the portal. But for those who couldn’t be registered for the Ghana card, we are sorry there is nothing you can do since MABCO hasn’t provided anyway to do so.

School Certificate

This is another document that you should consider having before applying for the career pathways exit plans. School certificate should either be a University Degree, Diploma, Professional course certificate, or SHS certificate. You can also choose to include your NSS certificate during the application even though is not a must requirement. Teachers who have written and pass the licensure exams can also upload those certificates. In doing so, they will need to choose other schools and then upload the cert with the name attached.

Curriculum Vitae

The CV aspect is already included in the portal. This means, before you start your application, you should at least have a drafted CV with you so that it can serve as a guide to you when filling the CV aspect of the portal.

Having a written down CV will help you to include all the relevant information during the application process because once you forget to include information and then submitted your application, you can not edit it again. So is always advisable to have a written document of your CV before beginning your application.

Residential Address

A residential address is not a document but it’s part of the requirement for the career pathways transition process. The residential address is your house number but if your house has not yet been number you can use your street address, nearest landmark, or a poplar spot around your house or place of residence.

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