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NABCO Overpaid Trainees: Will NABCO pay them their Arrears after Refunding?

Over the course of the NABCO Programme, there has been some issue of overpayment to some NABCO trainees. NABCO in their quest to pay some trainees arrears made a mistake and overpaid them.

Later, these trainees were made to refund the overpaid amount through their various District District and Regional coordinators.

Eight months after the refund, these trainees have not been getting their regular monthly stipends not to alone of the arrears.

A situation which has caused the affected trainees a lot. Most of them have even regretted refunding the overpaid amounts.

Every blessed day, these trainees are looking for answers to why they’ve not been paid even after refunding back the overpaid amounts.

In our search to finding answers to these trainees, we’ve consulted some stakeholders in the NABCO secretariat and these are our findings.

  • NABCO is still sorting out things to get those who have refunded fully paid
  • Some overpaid trainees have already been paid their arrears and are now getting their regular stipends
  • NABCo will pay all arrears to all qualified trainees in due time.
  • Trainees who have not refunded their overpaid monies will not get arrears but may start getting their regular stipends soon

According to our sources, NABCO has categorized these overpaid trainees into two:

Those with full one-year overpayment and Six months overpayment.

The source further told us that, trainees who have fully refunded their one-year overpaid amounts have been worked on and they are currently getting their regular stipends.

That, those with six months refunds, will soon be worked out and they shall be paid their 8 months arrears in due time.

So deducing from the above information, we can confidently tell you that, NABCO will surely pay all the overpaid trainees their monies if they actually refunded through the right channels. What these trainees need to do is to make sure their coordinators are aware of their situation by always reminding them.


  • please i have problem with the stipened from the month of October to December2020.
    the result i get is”the personnel has exited”. meanwhile, am in the system working assiduously as espected.
    my name is samuel Asante. Distric. Cape Coast Metro.

  • I’ve not received my stipends from September 2020 till now, I only get remarks saying my e-zwish is wrong mean while I already did the changes 2 months ago

  • Please I have refund all my over payment last year may, but since from may I havnt receive any stipends again and my arrears too has not been paid

  • Please I have refund all my over payment last year may 2020, but since from may I havnt receive any stipends again and my arrears too has not been paid

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