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NABCO: Some Reasons Why You’ve not been Paid your Monthly Stipends

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The NABCO programme celebrated its 2 year anniversary in October 2020 and now in the third year of operation. The programme according to the trainee’s letter of engagement is expected to ends in 2021. This means NABCO is at its final year for the first batch of trainees to be a transition for a permanent job or exit the programme. The NABCO programme has so far been helpful to these unemployed graduates also came as stress to others.

Most trainees have not received a dime, since they were posted to their various institutions. Series of follow-ups were done by them but still, their effort seems not to yield any positive outcome. Along the line, these trainees have been looking for answers to why they are not getting their stipends.

Some even gave up on NABCO Job and hoping to find a new job that can earn them a living. In our previous post, we show you how to know if you’ve been paid or not. After that post, there were a lot of complaints and questions concerning why some trainees were not getting their monthly stipends.

Upon receiving those complaints, we have been able to gather some of the reasons why your stipends are still in arrears, and in this article, we shall discuss these reasons given by you.

Hot Card

The first reason that might be accounted for the reason why most trainees NABCO stipends are still in arrears is the issue of the ‘HOT card’. A card becomesĀ  Hot card when its issuing institution is no more in operation. If you could remember, somewhere in 2019, some banks and financial institutions in Ghana were collapsed, while others were amalgamated. Later, all the cards issued by these collapse banks became “HOT CARDS”. So if your card is issued to you by any of the collapsed banks, then it might be a reason why you are still not getting your pay.

Refused to Refund Overpaid Amount:

In March 2019, NABCO made a mistake and paid some trainees money they were not due. These trainees were subsequently directed to visit their various District Coordinator and refund the overpaid amounts. Some trainees did as expected whiles others refused. So from the information gathered, those who have successfully refunded their full overpaid amount had their details worked and now being paid whiles others who refunded half or didn’t refund at all are still having arrears with NABCO.

Changed E-zwich:

The NABCO programme is designed to work with transparency. So if there are changes in any of a trainee’s details on the NABCO portal, NABCO will have to verify the new details against all the trainee’s particulars and records before they can make payment to the trainee using the new details. In case a trainee changes his other e-zwich number from the NABCO portal, NABCO will have to verify the new e-zwich number with all the trainee’s details. Verification of the new e-zwich number according to NABCO takes 21 working days. But in some cases, it exceeds the days. So if you still have your NABCO stipends in arrears, you must check your card number from the portal to make sure it’s intact.

Mismatch Card

Mismatch names or Wrong USN is another reason why some trainees still haven’t been paid by NABCO. When the name on a trainee’s portal does not match with the name on the e-zwich, NABCO sees it to be strange hence will not pay stipends for that trainee. Most trainees during the NABCO registration stage uses Ezwich that does not belong to them. So in that case, when stipends are to be paid, NABCO sees those trainee’s details not corresponding. Hence they will refuse to pay.

Vacated Post

NABCO was established by the government to help solve the unemployment situation in the country. The proammme is run across the nation with trainees being placed in various public offices. Along the line, most trainees decided to stop attending to duties(vacated posted). According to the policy governing the programme, If a trainee vacates a post, he or she is not supposed to be paid since they don’t work for the money. So if you’ve vacated post for several months then, you should have stipends outstanding ith NABCO.

Not Submitted Timesheet

Every NABCO trainee who is at the post, working as expected is supposed to submit a Monthly timesheet to their district coordinators for validation. The timesheet always serves as proof of post. Each trainee’s line manager is expected to endorsed the timesheet to make it valid for payment process in that particular month. In some instances, trainees failed to submit their timesheets to the District coordinator but expect to receive stipends at the end of the month. This is not possible according to NABCO, Any trainee who failed to submit a monthly timesheet shall not be validated for payment. So if for some months, you’ve not been paid, then you should find out whether your monthly timesheet has been received by the Coordinator or not, since in most case, is the RTCs who receive the timesheet on behalf of the District coordinators.


If you are one of those having arrears with NABCO, then definitely, one of the above-listed issues might be the reason why you’ve not been getting paid. What you need to do is to try and identify which of the above reason is stopping you from getting your pay and then visit your district coordinator for verification and rectification.

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  • None of the above is my problem., Payment history is not validated by district. From January 2O2O to October 2O2O is in arrears .

  • I have not received allowances since March 2021 due to hot card issue. I was directed to change it and I did so since February. Please I want to know when I should expect my stipend please

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