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PetronPay Bitcoin Payment Now Available – See How to Withdraw Fast 2021

How to Withdraw From PetronPay Through Bitcoin
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Petroleum represents a privileged investment that allows investors to speculate on the price of a barrel of oil. This raw material is, in fact, extremely volatile, which favors large price differences, even in the short term. Crude oil offers high liquidity and excellent profit opportunities under virtually all market conditions.

We are a company that operates and invests in oil assets that generate solid returns for our investors. Ethics, efficiency, transparency, and profitability. It is with this fundamental foundation of values ​​that we built PetronPay.

Our platform has partnered with large refineries enabling high quantity purchase and excellent profitability.

Petronoay is the company that comes to stay.

Our Affiliate program is already present in more than 140 countries.

Offices on the continent: Africa, Asia, and American.

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How to Withdraw From PetronPay Through Bitcoin

First Login to your account using your user name and password.

Now navigate the financial tab. Here you will see three options. Pick the last option that says withdraw.


Enter the amount you want to withdraw and then enter your Bitcoin Wallet address.

How to Withdraw From PetronPay Through Bitcoin

Click on the Make Now button to continue.

Now you will have to authorize the withdrawal from your email.

Go to your email and authorize the withdrawal to finish the process.

How to Withdraw From PetronPay Through Bitcoin

Congratulation! You have successfully withdrawn your money from the PetronPay account to your Bitcoin Wallet. Now you may have to wait for the confirmation before the bitcoin will appear in your wallet.

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