PetronPay Bitcoin Payment Now Available – See How to Withdraw Fast 2021

Petroleum represents a privileged investment that allows investors to speculate on the price of a barrel of oil. This raw material is, in fact, extremely volatile, which favors large price differences, even in the short term. Crude oil offers high liquidity and excellent profit opportunities under virtually all market conditions.

We are a company that operates and invests in oil assets that generate solid returns for our investors. Ethics, efficiency, transparency, and profitability. It is with this fundamental foundation of values ​​that we built PetronPay.

Our platform has partnered with large refineries enabling high quantity purchase and excellent profitability.

Petronoay is the company that comes to stay.

Our Affiliate program is already present in more than 140 countries.

Offices on the continent: Africa, Asia, and American.

We meet daily to hear testimonies of blessings and learn more about the PetronPay business.

How to Withdraw From PetronPay Through Bitcoin

First Login to your account using your user name and password.

Now navigate the financial tab. Here you will see three options. Pick the last option that says withdraw.


Enter the amount you want to withdraw and then enter your Bitcoin Wallet address.

How to Withdraw From PetronPay Through Bitcoin

Click on the Make Now button to continue.

Now you will have to authorize the withdrawal from your email.

Go to your email and authorize the withdrawal to finish the process.

How to Withdraw From PetronPay Through Bitcoin

Congratulation! You have successfully withdrawn your money from the PetronPay account to your Bitcoin Wallet. Now you may have to wait for the confirmation before the bitcoin will appear in your wallet.

  1. Ofori Micheal says

    Please for about a month or so I can’t withdraw my bitcoin and I want to know what is going on

  2. Neto says

    Good morning everyone.
    invested in a barrel of 999 dollar, now I achieved in my account more than my investment but my bitcoin option is not activated.
    Can you please give me any information about it?
    How can I withdraw in bitcoin once I achieved more than my investment.

    1. Harold Picault says

      My name is Harold Picault.
      I have change my email address. How can I make a withdraw from my account?

  3. Maurice Masaga says

    Please let me know why am not able to withdraw my petron tokens using the bitcoin yet I achieved a hundred percent of my investment long long time ago

  4. Nomthandazo says

    Petron Pay is just a scam you can deposit but you cannot withdraw your earning even if they could reach that 100% they nagging about.

    1. Learnersgist says

      You can only withdraw using the Patronpay token and then convert it into Ethereum

      1. Khin says

        Boss can we chat private… I wanna know more about Petron token

      2. Richard says

        Please have you tried..?
        And did it work out for you…?

      3. Brian says

        Boss please can you help me cause I am unable to withdraw the petron token as well I tried using metamask but my transaction on petronpay is still pending

  5. Cornelius says

    Please I’m having problems withdrawing from my wallet

    1. Learnersgist says

      You can only withdraw using the Patronpay token and then convert it into Ethereum

      1. Fatima says

        How long does it take for you to see your withdrawal. It has been now 3 weeks and still pending and money not credited to my metamask wallet. Please help

    2. Maureen Wanjiru Manjau says

      so sorry for the losses
      i also lost lot to petronpay

  6. Xolani says

    Hi I am xolani I wanted to we drown money on petron pay cn your help please

    1. Learnersgist says

      You can only withdraw using the Patronpay token and then convert it into Ethereum

      1. Khym says

        Pls can you help me?? How is the petronpay token And how should i convert to Ethereum?

  7. Kwaku says

    Is paytronpay still working

    1. Learnersgist says

      Yes But now you can only withdraw using the Patronpay token and then convert it into Ethereum

      1. Rubin says

        How I withdraw petron token to eth wallet still showing pending after a week

        1. Brian says

          Same here mine is still showing pending too
          What did you finally do..?
          Did you succeed

      2. Kae says

        There is no option to make a new withdrawal

        1. Learnersgist says

          ou can only withdraw using the Patronpay token and then convert it into Ethereum

          1. Hilary Enyiekere says

            Is it possible to provide more details on how to withdraw using the patronpay token and converting it into etherum?
            I ask because if you go to sign the contract it is only Patronpay’s wallet account that shows up. There is no information as to why the withrawn amount on patronpay is pending more than two weeks

            Can someone provide assistance so that speculation of many types end. There is an article that suggests that Patronpay originates from a country in West Africa. In my opinion it should a thing of pride for all Africans if this does not drag the name of Africa into mud

      3. Andrews Forson says

        Please how does this work
        I’m Andrews

  8. Edward sah says

    When will withdrawals through Bitcoin come again?

  9. Alexandra Hyppolite says

    I think never. When you withdraw from Petronpay to the Etherum wallet the money is nothing. It is a scam.

    1. Bruno says

      I think the individuals who convinced other people to join Petron Pay should provide some answers. To join in they took your info and payment but now things turned south there is nobody to answer any question, that is sad. Like you said it is a scam just like other scams on the internet. Anything with so many twists and turns can never be real.

  10. Saviour Kponor says

    Please I want to know when we can withdraw our money in bitcoin

  11. Saviour Kponor says

    I want to know if petronpay is paying all the customers in bitcoin

  12. Lindiwe says

    I have requested a withdrawal since the beginning of September, till now it’s pending. Have we lost our monies or what?

  13. Osahro says

    Please, can you give us simple steps in making it possible. We beg, we are lost in the jungle.

  14. Lamercie Innocent says

    I have 3 accounts I keep looking at the money I can’t make any withdraw. The last account the email is not working. I need to update my email. The account in question with the email problem is: not working wanted to change it to Innocent this is the email that is recognized by AOL.

  15. Lamercie Innocent says

    Why Petronpay support don’t answer to anyone?

  16. Pettra Brown says

    Can someone please assist me to withdraw from my petronpay account. I struggle now for months.

  17. Cruppy says

    When can we withdraw?? Give some details kindly.

  18. Richie says

    Fuck you Petron pay you guys are just scam and I will make sure everyone hears of you

  19. Denise Nicholson says

    I want to know when I can withdraw my money!!

  20. Brian says

    Seems Petron pay is just another scam out there

  21. Brian says

    I don’t see reasons why I will request for a withdrawal and it is still showing pending for over a week

  22. Duduzile says

    Mmm it’s painful I have four accounts I see money growing every day I only had 2 withdrawals when withdrawals was done in bitcoin after that no withdrawal button😔😔

  23. Ladycorn5 says

    Why is the petronpay app now gone? I can no longer see my account?

  24. Keke says

    Hi I can’t see my account 😞☹️ too I can’t login

  25. Wahhab Yakubu says

    My account is close i can not log in is anyone facing this challenge please

  26. Yeboah Ebenezer Damoah says

    Eiiii another scam again, God have merci on Africans and remove poverty from us hmmm 😭😭😭

  27. Emily Gludo says

    All staff behind petronpay try to make another scheme to gather another investor knowing all the accounts from previous scheme never withdraw their money invested. Now I try to open my account but they consider it unknown… Petron pay is SCAM!!!

  28. Emily Gludo says

    I never withdraw any amount from my account then now I can’t open my account and you consider it as unknown? You stole all my money.. GOD will do the rest whoever staff behind petronpay

    1. Maureen Wanjiru Manjau says


  29. Kodzo Foli says

    My brothers and sisters, petronpay is a scam.

    Forget about any possible withdrawal.
    THANK you

  30. Sarah Nherera says

    I cant find my account again please help

  31. Jordon says

    The Petron pay app stopped working, and asked for money to support the developer of this mobile app: with minimum of 0.000085 BTC – check your internet and reload. I lost my $1000 of investment and I have family lost more. Where to report the criminals?

  32. Emmanuel Amenuvor says

    Its true brother.
    “Man is to die once after that judgement.” My brother, each and everyone will be judge according to his deeds.

    Let them continue their evil ways.

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