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Qualitas career academy is a leading private college in South Africa. It has campuses across different cities. This school is a very ideal school for your ward or relatives as it offers everything you wish a college school can offer.

At Qualitas career academic, you have almost nothing to worry about. The school which is very high on standards is regarded as one of the best colleges you can enrol your ward into. You’ll also get to learn a lot of things if you decide to study here.

“What do I need to know about Qualitas career academy? How do I apply to this college?  What are the requirements? You might ask.

You don’t need to stress yourself looking for an answer. In this article, we are going to be talking about everything about Qualitas career academy. 

Qualitas Career Academy

Let’s go straight in.

History Of Qualitas Career Academy

Qualitas career academy was founded in 1998. It was however reformed and re-established in 2008.  It began setting up small campuses across South Africa in 2010. You can choose to reside on any of the campuses as they are standard in infrastructure and service.

More faculties and academic divisions were added in 2012 and this school has kept growing ever since.  You will definitely have a fun and beautiful time if you chose to study at this private college.

Unlike other private colleges in South Africa, this school focuses on delivering a quality service and impact on its student. They have a standard requirement that students must meet before they can gain admission into this prestigious school.

Local And International Accreditation Of Qualitas Career Academy

One beautiful thing about the educational standard in South Africa is the fact that every private college or educational institute is required to go through accreditation for its programs.

This is to ensure they are well equipped to teach their students the various courses or subjects they offer.

Qualitas career academy is an accredited college in South Africa. The accreditation which is specific to the institution and qualification is something this private college can boast about.

This university can boast of being accredited by various local organizations such as the services sectoral education and training authority (SSETA), media and information & Communication technologies Sectorial education and training authority (MICT SETA), and many others. They also boast of international affiliations such as ICDL( international computer driving license), ITEC( International therapy examination council), and a lot more.

Qualitas Career Academy Courses

Qualitas career academy courses can be grouped into 2 categories. They are the certificate Courses and the diploma courses.

Certificate Courses:

These courses are more advanced than the diploma courses. The certificate courses are listed below,

  • Certificate in Architectural Drawing Architectural Drawing)
  • Certificate in Beauty Therapy (Beauty Therapy)
  • SAGE astel (Pastel)
  • Certificate in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Engineering). 

Diploma Courses

These are another set of courses you can take in this prestigious college. Below is a list of the diploma courses

  • Diploma in Business Management (Business Management)
  • National Diploma In Educare (Educare)
  • Diploma in Hair Design (Hair Design)
  • Diploma in Health And Skincare (Health And Skincare).

To get more information about the program and its requirements, you can visit this link here.

Qualitas Career Academy Blackboard Learn Login

Just like other standard institutions in South Africa, Qualitas career academy has a portal where students and applicants can log in to get every necessary detail or information. This portal is called the qualitas career academy blackboard. 

This blackboard was created for you to perform different academic actions at ease. You can do things such as submission of assignments, checking the school calendar, and a lot more.

To log into the blackboard, simply click this link here

You will get all the information and directions on the academic Programs from the link above.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to Qualitas career academy, you might have a couple of questions. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers to help give you more information.

Does Qualitas career academy offer distant learning programs?

Yes, Qualitas career academy offers different distant learning programs you can take advantage of.

Is Qualitas career academy affordable?

Qualitas career academy is a school that is relatively affordable when you compare it to other private schools around. This private college also boasts better efficiency and a lot more.


If you are looking for the best vocational colleges to enroll in, this is one of the best schools you can consider. This school has a very good reputation and you’ll find joy in choosing this place for your studies.


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