Sassa Old Age Pension Payment Date for July

Older Pension Grant Payment Date for July 2022

Sassa Old Age Pension Payment Date for July

Old Age Pension Grants and other social grants are distributed and administered monthly by the South African Social Security Agency mostly referred to as SASSA. The agency has to make sure that grants are distributed accordingly to the correct person at the right time.

Pensioners Concern

However, a lot of people have complained when making comments on about payment dates for social grants in South Africa. One major concern is that why these payments are paid later that the dates when monthly rates such as water and electricity bills have already passed? The elderly complained that when they pay their rates late, they are also charged penalties for late payments.

Let us get more information about the Old Age Pension grants

About Older Pension Grant

This is the grant for senior citizens from the age of 60 years and above. The amount of the grant differs on age groups. There is an amount for pensioners above 60 years of age but below the age of 70 and one for the pensioners above the age of 70.

Sassa Old Age Pension Payment Date for July

The Older Pension Grant will be paid on 04 July 2022. The other grants will be paid the following working days. Check other grants payment dates here.

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