Sassa R350 Grant, How to apply For Reconsideration

Sassa R350 Grant, How to apply For Reconsideration
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Applicants for the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) whose applications have been declined or not approved can reapply for consideration. Such applicants are to download the application form and fill then submit it to their various provincial emails for reconsideration.

Applicants are to provide the following: 

  • Reasons why you disagree with the decision of SASSA: (If the space provided is insufficient, please attach a separate page to this form and clearly indicate that a separate page(s) is attached).
  • Disagreement with the application of the “means test” by SASSA?
  • Disagreement with the medical assessment of SASSA regarding your functional impairment/disability?

Documents attached in support of this application

  1. Proof of grant application to SASSA (Receipt issued by SASSA):
  2. A copy of a letter of rejection or approval of social assistance application by the Agency:
  3. In the case of a person applying on behalf of the beneficiary or applicant, a copy of the Power of Attorney or proof of his/her appointment by the applicant or beneficiary to act on his or her behalf:

(a) Any other relevant document in relation to the application; and state what type of documentation).

(b) Please forward the completed Application for Reconsideration to your province of residence – see provincial email addresses below

Download the Application Form Here.


Eastern Cape          043 – 707 6335

Free State                051- 4108339    

Gauteng                   011- 241 8320  

Kwazulu-Natal        033 -846 3400

Limpopo                   015- 2917509   

Mpumalanga           013 -754 9446

Northwest                 018 -388 4006

Northern Cape         053 -802 4919

Western Cape          021-4690235

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