SASSA: Required Documents For Child Support Grant (CSG) Applications

What are the required documents for the Child Support Grant? The management of Sassa has highlighted the list of all the required documents needed for the Child Support Grant. Interested persons can find below all the required documents as stated by Sassa.

Required documents for Child Support Grant (CSG) Applications

  1. Certified copy of ID of the applicant and Certified Copy of ID/birth certificate of the child.
  2. Certified Copy of Proof of Spousal Relationship/ Marital status (i.e. Marriage Certificate/ Decree of Divorce/ Death Certificate)
  3. Certified Copy of the Identity document of the spouse – if married;
  4. Proof of Incomeā€”if means is declared.
  5. If no income is declared, an affidavit to that effect is required.
  6. Proof that the applicant is the primary caregiver of the child
  7. Proof of school attendance (encourage children to attend school), if not attached application will still be processed.
  8. Confirmation of Banking Details i.e. Certified Copy of Bank Statement.

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