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Some advise to all newly admitted Students

It’s only an opportunity for you to have gained admissions whiles some of your friends are still home, seemingly not knowing what to do with their lives. You can attest to the fact that some of them were smatter, more brilliant, and more composed than you are.

Never look down on any of your friends because you’ve gained admission now. Do not make them feel inferior when chatting with you. Don’t brag about you being busy with lectures and assignments, they also have what keeps them busy at home. Keep encouraging all of your friends that they too can make it, even if they don’t get a chance at the university.

Many of us have made enemies of our friends just because of this. Which shouldn’t be. You’ll realize how life is when you complete and are not fortunate to get a good job right away.

Some of these friends who you despise may be the ones to help you out with a recommendation. University is not a guarantee to a successful life, it is only a stepping stone. Be on the alert.

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