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Some Frequently Ask Question About the 2021 Population and Housing Census

Some Frequently Ask Question About the 2021 Population and Housing Census
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The 2021 Population and housing census is scheduled to begin in June/ July 2021. The exercise (Population and Housing Census (PHC)) is to be organized by the  Ghana Statistical Service (GSS)   Because of this, series of activities including demarcation of the country into enumeration areas and Trial Censuses in preparations for the Ghana 2021 Census was conducted.

Why is it necessary to conduct the Census?

The Census provides an updated statistical data for planning, budgeting, and effective policy decision-making to ensure national development. Therefore, the Population and Housing Census will provide information at the locality, district, regional and national levels. Also, the Census information would also be useful for business, media, academia, research institutions, and international organizations as the basis for informed decision-making for better outcomes.

Does the Census have legal backing?

YES !. Clause 34 of the Statistical Service Act 2019 (ACT 1003) mandates GSS to conduct the Census and Clause 54 of the Act, compels everyone in Ghana to provide information to the Census Officials.

What is the significance of Census Night for the 2021 Census?

This period is the midnight of 27th June 2021. therefore, for the purpose of counting, that night is referred to as Census Night

Also, all counting would be referenced to that night. Hence, the Census night will be marked with activities in many communities in Ghana



Who will be counted in the Census?

All persons (Ghanaians and Non-Ghanaians) who spend Census Night in households in Ghana. Hence,  Individuals who spend the Census Night in institutions (hospitals, colleges, hotels, barracks, and prisons) in the country. All outdoor sleepers (i.e. homeless households and the transient population) all over the country.

How will the people be counted?

For about two weeks following the Census Night, Census officials will visit each home in the country to interview the heads of the households or any responsible adult member (man or woman) of the household. When there is no one available to be interviewed, a call-back card with the contact details of the census field officer will be left behind to enable the household to schedule a new date and time with the census official.

What is expected of the Public?

Cooperate with the census officials by providing accurate information about yourself and other household members to enable the census official to complete the work on time. The information to be provided on household members, as well as persons who spent the Census Night in your household, will include

  1. Socio-demographic characteristics
  2. Literacy and education
  3. Economic activity
  4. Difficulties in performing an activity
  5. Internal migration
  6. Emigration
  7. ICT
  8. Orphan-hood
  9. Fertility & Child Survival
  10. Mortality
  11. Ownership of household assets
  12. Housing conditions
  13. Sanitation

Will the 2021 Population & Housing Census count non-Ghanaians living in the country?

YES! Non-Ghanaians living in the country will all be counted irrespective of their nationality.

What does this imply for Ghanaians NOT living in Ghana?

Ghanaians living outside the country will not be counted. Besides, information on them will be collected from their relations. However, they will be counted if they find themselves in Ghana on or before the Census night.

What is the listing of structures & households in the Census?

Two (2) weeks before the Census Night, the Census Officials will identify and write unique numbers on all structures in the country. They will also ask for basic information about the structures; such as the use of the structures, availability of toilet facility, households in the structures, etc. If your structure is not numbered before the Census Night, please call our hotlines or the Census Office.

Persons to be enumerated on Census Night.

The enumeration of households will be done in the two weeks after Census Night, except these specific groups of persons who will be enumerated on Census Night;

  1. travelers who are in transit (long-distance travelers will be counted at major transit points such as lorry stations,
  2. Persons who sleep in the open in front of stores, markets, offices, on pavements, etc.
  3. Persons who will spend the Census night in short-stay institutions such as hotels and guest houses.

Listing of Structures

begins 13th – 25th June 2021

Census Night

27th June 2021

Enumeration of Households

begins 28th June – 11th July 2021

If you are not sure whether your household, has been enumerated or counted two weeks after the Census Night, enquire from other members of your household whether a Census official has visited your household.

If not, please call our hotlines to give information on the location of your house for an official to take your records.

when it comes to planning for the development of our nation, everyone counts. Therefore, help Ghana collects accurate information about each of us to make the planning process for our socio-economic development a worthwhile exercise. Hence, Together, we can all make the 2021 Population and Housing Census a success.

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