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Some Selected Integrated Science Topics Your are Likely to See in BECE 2021

2019 BECE English Language Past Questions and Answers For 2021 Candidates
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Below are Some Selected Topics in Science Which are Likely to see in BECE 2021. Please note that the below-selected questions are for self-study only and not “Apor”.

They are only selected from the previous year’s past questions. You can try your Hands-on them and let us know in the comment if you need further explanations to the below questions.

Question One (1) 

(a) (i) What are enzymes.
(ii) Give three characteristics of enzymes.

(iii) State the end product of the digestion of the following foods;

(α) Carbohydrate,
(β) proteins
(γ) fats.

(b) (i) Define isotopes.

(ii) The elements Neon (Ne), with atomic number 10 has three isotopes of mass number 17, 19, and 21. Determine the number of neutrons present in each of the isotopes.

(c) Name the type of bonds present in each of the following substances;
(i) Ammonium chloride
(ii) Ethane
(iii) Carbon dioxide
(iv) Calcium Chloride

(d) Name three equipment used for harvesting fish from a pond.

Question Two (2)

(a) (i) What is meant by excretion?

(ii) Give two excretory Products of each of the following organs:
(α) Lungs
(β) kidney
(γ) skin. 3marks

(b) (i) State three main differences between ice and water.
(ii) Give two reasons why the melting of ice is considered a physical change.

(c) (i) State the major components of soil.
(ii) Give two farming practices which prevent soil erosion.

d) (i) Name the most appropriate instrument for taking each of the following
(α) diameter of a wire of radius 1.8mm,
(β) Length of a piece of wood 11.5cm long,
(γ) Internal diameter of a beaker of radius 3.32cm.

(ii) Name three devices whose operations depend on the effect of pressure on fluids.

Question Three (3)

(a) (i) What is a backyard garden?
(ii) State three factors that should be considered when choosing a site for a garden.
(b) (i) What is temporary hardness of water?
(ii) Describe briefly how a mixture of granulated sugar and sand can be separated.

(c) (i) Define the following types of motion and give one example of each.
(α) Linear motion
(β) Circular motion,
(γ) Random motion.

(d) (i) Explain briefly why aircraft and boats are constructed in a streamline form.
(ii) Give three reasons for classifying organisms.
(iii) What is binomial system of nomenclature?

Question Four (4)

(a) (i) What is female genital mutilation?

(ii) Explain why female genital mutilation should be stopped.

(b) (i) What are convectional Currents?

(ii) Explain briefly why smoke from burning bush is spread by moving air masses.

(c) (i) Explain the following statement:
(α) Pure water is neutral.
(β) A sodium hydroxide is an alkaline.
(ii) Give two uses of:
(α) acid-base indicators.
(β) sodium trioxocarbonate (IV).

(d) (i) What is brooding in poultry production?
(ii) Explain two methods of preserving eggs in poultry.

Question Five (5 )

(a) (i) What is osmosis?
(ii)Explain how the root of a plant obtains energy.

(b) (i) What is an ester?

(ii) State one use of each of the following substances:
(α) hydrogen
(β) sodium hydroxide

(c) (i) Explain how earthquake comes about.
(ii) List three effects of earthquakes.

(d) State three types of erosion and how they can be prevented.

Question Six (6)

(a) (i) What is corrosion?
(ii) State two factors that can promote corrosion.

(b) (i) What is a biotic factor?

(ii) Explain how three biotic factors are useful in forest habitat.
(c) (i) What is the center of gravity of a body?

(ii) Explain why a body balances at its center of gravity.

(d) (i) State why it is important to treat water.

(ii) Enumerate five methods of improving upon the quality of
water for domestic use.

(iii) Give four qualities of loam soil that makes it suitable
for crop production.

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