Telkom is expanding its fibre reach

Telkom South Africa is ensuring that no home gets left behind when it comes to quality internet connection.

That’s why they’re extending their fibre coverage to your area soon.

It’s important to pre-order so you get the best price while stocks last as demand is high due to the COVID-19 3rd wave.

With upgraded speeds at a competitive price, no home should be left without a solid internet connection.

Currently, most South Africans are reliant on mobile data, while there’s nothing wrong with that, fibre becomes increasingly vital as potential for lagging is much lower should there be multiple devices connected at the same time.

Telkom is switching on Fibre in your area, pre-order today

Bring monate to your home with the convenience of Telkom fibre. Host virtual gaming sessions with your mates, catch up on the news online, become a content creator, do extensive research on that thesis, the possibilities are endless when you have a fast, reliable connection that’s also affordable.

Sign up or upgrade your existing service today and turn your home into the place to be with Uncapped 25Mbps Telkom Fibre for just R399PM including a router and installation.

We will have you set up within 60 days from the day of your order and at no cost to you, plus we will give you 100GB* LTE data while you wait for our technicians.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Uncapped Data
  • Up to 25Mbps Fibre Download Speed
  • Up to 5Mbps Fibre upload speed
  • Services: Includes WiFi router and installation on month to month (12-month claw back)
  • Voice services optional
  • No FUP thresholds apply


  • Includes router and
  • Includes installation
  • Fast internet speeds

 A connected home is a monate home

Telkom is making it easy for you to determine which service suits your home best. Answer a few simple questions and you’ll be taken on a journey to a connected home.

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