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Top 3 Film Schools In South Africa 2023

Top 3 Film Schools In South Africa 2023:

One sector that is growing is the film and media sector; it is not just growing in South Africa but also in other African nations. Additionally, it is becoming more well-known throughout the Middle East and Europe. If you choose to look at this industry over time, you will see that it is expanding incredibly quickly.

The movie business has been very profitable for a variety of people, organizations, and businesses. In this industry, people can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In South Africa, various colleges are striving to capitalize on the booming film industry. In order to produce students who will be leaders in the film business, these schools teach many facets of movies and filmmaking.

This article is for you if you’re seeking for the top film schools in South Africa. The greatest film schools, information about South African film schools in general, and much more will be included in this page.


Top 3 Film Schools In South Africa 2023

There are a lot of good and quality film schools in South Africa. Below is a list of film schools in South Africa and brief information about them.


This is the number one should that should come to your mind if you are looking for the best film schools in the city of South Africa. This school which has existed over the year is responsible for bringing out some of the biggest talents today in the movie industry in South Africa. It is a leading school in South Africa that teaches students different aspects of filmmaking, acting, cinematography, and a lot more. The learning system of this school brings out the creativity and innovation in you. It runs different types of programs from certificates to undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees.
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Auteur School of Independent Filmmaking

This is another school that should definitely be on your list if you are looking for the best filmmaking schools in the country. The Auteur school of independent Films is located in Capetown South Africa and it was founded in 2006. Since when it was founded, this school has been very committed to giving the best when it comes to the training individuals in the film industry While the programs are mainly part-time, you can enjoy learning in a very conducive environment during the entire process. They offer a 5-month program for courses like editing, scriptwriting,  directing, and a lot more.
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Just like some top film schools in South Africa, this school is also responsible for producing a lot of top movie talents on screen and behind the screen. This school is rated by many as one of the top five best film schools in South Africa. AVEA is located at 8 Vardon road, Greenside Johannesburg, South Africa. You will get to enjoy every time you spend here as this school is committed to making its learning programs easy and fun. AVEA offers graduate and post-graduate programs. You can get a Masters or Ph.D. in this school. It is also open to students outside the country looking to study any of their programs.
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Duration of Study for Film Schools in South Africa

There are a lot of film schools in South Africa and each school has its own duration of studies for its programs. The duration of studies also depends on the type of program and course you are running. If you are running a part-time program, the duration might be around 6 months to 2 years depending on the course. 

For most full-time courses, it takes around 3 to 5 years to complete film studies in the top schools in South Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to film studies in South Africa, different people tend to have different questions. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers to help guide you.

Is film school expensive?

Film schools in South Africa are relatively affordable. You can do a part-time learning program in any of the film schools for as low as $1000 yearly.

Is film school worth it?

Yes, film schools in South Africa are definitely worth it. With the rise of the movie industry in South Africa and globally, it will make a lot of sense to study filmmaking in any of the film schools in South Africa.

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