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UniSA – Submitting Assignments Via Myunisa

Here are step-by-step instructions for submitting online assignments via MYUniSA. It is important for all Unisa students to know how they can submit their assignments using the school online portal.

Follow the below steps to submit your Unisa assignments

How to submit multiple-choice assignments via myUnisa

Follow the below steps to submit your multiple-choice assignment on MyUnisa. The submission is fast and reliable:

After submitting your assignment on MyUnisa, there are three ways to check if it is submitted successfully:

  1.  A clear message status will be sent to you stating “Assignment received in good order”, this means our assignment is submitted successfully.
  2. A receipt with a unique track and trace number will be sent to you after successful submission.
  3.  MyUnisa will update the list of assignments you have submitted for each module.

Please note:

  • Always check your assignment thoroughly before submission, you cannot cancel an assignment on MyUnisa after you have submitted it.
  • Do not submit the same assignment through MyUnisa and mail
  • Those that have dial-up connections should have their multiple-choice answer ready before dial-up. If you answer the assignment while online, you will have to pay money.
  • Always submit your assignment at least 72 hours before the closing date to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

How to submit written (text) assignments online

Text written assignments are to be uploaded to myunisa in a file format. There are formats specified by the drop-down list on the submission page, the file should be submitted in the accepted format and make sure you choose the right format.

After you have successfully uploaded your document, press continue. Your file will then be uploaded into myunisa, this might take some time depending on the file size.

After it has been uploaded, the details will be displayed on your screen for final checking for you to make corrections or click on “Submit”. Make sure you submit in PDF format to avoid automatic layout and formatting.

Please note:

  • Assignments submitted online via myUnisa will be marked online. The marked assignments will be returned to students to be viewed online. If you made a mistake and want to re-submit your assignment, you must do so immediately. You will only be able to submit an assignment while the re-submit link shows next to the assignment number. Please check for mistakes before you submit! The submit button will change to resubmit when your assignments have been accepted. Only resubmit if you need to change your assignment.
  • You will only be allowed to resubmit your assignment under the following conditions:
  • The resubmit button is available
  • The assignment has not been marked
  • The due date has passed
  • Make sure that your student number appears in your assignment text. For word processor files, it is a good idea to have a header on each page with your student number, course code, assignment number, etc.
  • Do not submit the same assignment via myUnisa and the mail.
  • Do not submit self-evaluation assignments.
  • Make sure that your submitted file does not contain a virus! Students who repeatedly submit documents with viruses may lose the right to use myUnisa.

Formatting and page layout requirements for written assignments

For word processor and spreadsheet files:

  • Set the paper options in your document to A4, default tray, auto-feed (or auto-select).
  • Set margins of at least 2,5 cm on either side for lecturer feedback.
  • Do not use colour fonts – Unisa will only print assignments in black ink.
  • Use only common fonts like Times Roman, Arial, etc.
  • Limit your font size to a maximum of 16 for headings and a maximum of 12 for normal text.
  • Line spacing can be problematic if your printer differs significantly from the Unisa printer. Do not use the Enter key (new line) to create empty spaces at the bottom of a page. Use the page break function of your word processor to force a new page. This will ensure that your page numbering stays exactly the way you indicated in your contents page.
  • Pictures and diagrams may be included as long as they are not too complex and not in colour. Do not embed objects from other programs that require dynamic links.
  • Fit your assignment in as few pages as possible, to save paper.

For MS Word documents:

  • Keep tables simple. Complex tables can cause printer memory problems.
  • Do not embed objects like spreadsheets into your document. Rather create a graphic of your spreadsheet or diagram, save it as a BMP, gif or jpeg and insert it into the file.
  • In other words: No fancy tricks, please!

For Computer Science students:

  • Submitting programmes and program output can be done in either a text (ASCII) file or in a word processor file.
  • Remember that you can only submit ONE file per assignment, so you may have to combine different files into one document. You can also create a single PDF document that combines different source files.
  • If you use a word processor, we recommend using a fixed-width font (eg Courier) so your program will be more readable and indentation will remain correct. Using a conversion programme like PDF will ensure that your file presentation remains exactly as you intended.
  • With a word processor, you have better control of page layout, such as starting a new program on a new page.

Why do we only accept text assignments in certain formats?

  • Unisa’s systems are geared to accommodate most common word processor packages like MS Word and WordPerfect.
  • If there is a big demand for other formats/packages, these may be added in future.

For step-to-step instructions for submitting online assignments click here.

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